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Пакистан отказался менять золото на макулатуру

Пакистан отверг предложение МВФ об обмене 2 миллионов унций золота (62 тонны) из своих золотовалютных резервов (ЗВР) на «резервные валюты». МВФ свое предложение мотивировал «целями повышения ликвидности». Пакистан указал в качестве причины отказа — «в целях национальной безопасности».

Итак, официально озвучено — хранение ЗВР в долларах/евро представляет угрозу национальной безопасности.


Pakistan has refused to sell gold worth $2.7 billion, citing national security reasons, as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pushes Islamabad to convert the precious metal into cash to build foreign currency reserves, revealed the global lender’s report on Friday.

The report, prepared by IMF’s staff led by its Washington-based Mission Chief to Islamabad Jeffrey Franks, also spills the beans on the ‘$1.5 billion gift’ to Pakistan by ‘Saudi Arabia’ – the name Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government has so far refused to officially share with parliament.

According to the report, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) holds over 2 million troy ounces of monetary gold, having $2.7 billion value at market rate. It is not counted in gross international reserves as it is not deemed to be liquid by the SBP, says the IMF.

The IMF and Pakistan authorities discussed what steps would be needed to make gold more liquid, the report adds. “However, the (Pakistani) authorities stressed that they have no plans to sell gold and preferred existing arrangements for gold holdings for national security reasons.”
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