bobik_57 (bobik_57) wrote,

На Дерибасовской закрылася пивная....

Ах, где же эта вся компания блатная?
Ах, где вы, девочки, Маруся, Роза, Рая,
И где ваш спутник Вася Шмаровоз?

В Солсбери закрылся гей-бар!
А зачем он теперь ? 
Ведь Петрова и Башарова больше не пустят в Англию.

Скрипаль свинтил, клиентов не стало.
В Солсбери 14 гей-баров, 3 БДСМ/свингер-клуба, 4 гей-клуба.

Епископ Солсбери открыто поддерживает гей-браки и венчает туристов....
City's only gay bar closes its doors

THE only gay bar in Salisbury has closed after just four months in business.

Truth Bar in Bridge Street began serving the LGBT community in September. But now Pete Collingwood-Trewin and his husband Grant, otherwise known as Lulu Delish, who took over the venue in October, have shut it down.

They blame a lack of a regular customers and an ongoing dispute with a neighbouring pub.

In the months before its closure, Truth had begun to move revellers to its basement dance floor when club nights would roll into the early hours to avoid disturbing other premises.

“It’s a difficult situation, we are a nightclub that is open till around 2am and we share a building where they have got rooms – the two don’t go together.”

Pete said he believed the bar could end up with reduced opening hours. It is expected that there will be LGBT nights at Kandi Lounge from February.

«Держась за ручки, словно жопу своей Раи, Наш Костя ехал по Садовой на трамвае...»
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